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Wainvest Europe specializes in selling a wide range of production components that customers currently need. Our offer is complemented by a wide range of goods offered on request with the source of origin in Poland, Europe or North America and Asia.

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The right people in the right place

The Wainvest Europe team consists of experts with over 20 years of experience in working in international corporations in the FMCG, pharmaceutical, automotive, construction and advertising industries.

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Our customers

We supply to large international concerns as well as small family businesses. Wainvest Europe customers especially appreciate our flexibility. We adapt to the current needs of our clients, both when they expect long-term, structured and systematic cooperation and in situations where immediate and non-standard action is needed under time pressure.

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Design and product development

We implement and run projects on the purchasing and sales side with companies all over the world. At Wainvest Europe, we develop new products from the concept phase, through validation, to final implementation. We manage a portfolio of team members and specifications.

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